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    MPA Students Won 3rd Prize in the 4th National Graduate Public Management Case Competition

    ?During December 2019 to August 2020, a number of teams composed of academic masters and MPA students in our school respectively focused on poverty alleviation, rural revitalization, community governance, state-owned enterprise restructuring and old city reconstruction. After internal evaluation, five cases were submitted to the Competition Committee.??Under the guidance of Zhang Peng,?professo...

    SPPA undergraduates won the 27th Men's Basketball Championship of Chongqing University

    After nearly two?months of hard work and group matches, at 5.20 pm on December 5, 2020, undergraduates from?the?School of Public Policy & Administration?(SPPA) won the 27th Men's Basketball Championship.??The weather is cold and the temperature is very low. The blood of a basketball game can always fade the chill of winter. With a whistle cut across the sky, the game officially began. With the ...

    China Local Government Governance High-Level Forum of 2020 Smart China Expo Online Was Successfully Held

    The 2nd China Local Government Governance High-level Forum of 2020 Smart China Expo Online (hereinafter referred to as 2020 SCE) was held at Days Hotel on September 14, 2020. The forum invited experts, scholars and outstanding entrepreneurs from national high-end think tanks, well-known universities, enterprises and scientific research institutions to report, and exchange discussions around the...